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So Polished

So Polished


​A luxurious trio of full size (8.5 oz) Soakology polishes!​


BALANCING: beach rose™ honey body polish
Dandelion and geranium is combined with Natural sugar in the form of honey enzymes, pumice, and grape seed in a non-oily scrub for easy warm water rinse off. So gentle it can be used for the face and body.

REPLENISHING: essential lavender sugar body polish
An all-natural exfoliant scrub with an indulgent scent without being overpowering. Lavender, rosehips, and borage oil combined with natural sugar, gently buffs away dry skin. Your skin will glisten, feeling soft and supple. Gentle enough to exfoliate your lips. This is one of those products we can’t keep in stock. 

UPLIFTING: clarity of mind™ green tea body polish
Aloe, gotu kola, green tea polyphenols, butters and oils are formulated to moisturize while exfoliating. Added to all this goodness, green tea is rich in anti-aging properties

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