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Brewing and sipping tea with friends or family has long been a ritual of hospitality and companionship in its deeply rooted cultural history. We foraged the world over for the very best fair trade and ethically secured tea to share with the local community and its visitors. 


Stop in to enjoy a thoughtfully brewed cup in solitude or share a pot with a friend or two in our TeaLounge™.  We carry a vast array of uncommon honey, carefully selected to accompany many of our tea varietals. 

Or try a tasty tea smoothie, iced tea, or creativly crafted steamer. Snack options on our menu are sure to satisfy any sweet or savory craving.


Our extensive list of loose leaf tea is available for purchase at our TeaLounge™ and a few varieties are now available through our online shop. With over 100 hand-selected varieties, we are here to offer any option your heart desires. 

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