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  • Does SOAKOLOGY mandate masking?
    We are currently not mandating mask wearing, but comply with city wide restrictions based on upticks in sickness. Click here to learn more.
  • Are children allowed to come to Soakology?
    Children of all ages are welcome in the TeaLounge™. Those under 15 years old, (including infants and toddlers) cannot be accommodated in the SpaLounge™.Children under 17 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Do I need an appointment for a foot soak or treatment?
    While we try to accommodate walk-ins when possible, making an appointment is highly recommended. You can request an appointment for the SpaLounge™ online here. Just fill in the form, choose from list of options, click the submit button and we will call you to schedule your reservation. Please call us if you are trying to book a same day appointment.
  • Do you offer learning workshops?
    We are currently working on rolling out some new programs! Sign up for our event email blasts or follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest news on classes and specials in both the TeaLounge™ and SpaLounge™ and we will keep you in the loop when the next one is scheduled. Also, check out our year-round special offers listed on the web site.
  • Can I host a group event at Soakology?
    Yes, groups and gatherings are welcome and make up a significant number of our guests in both the Spa and Tea Lounges. We seat up to 18 in our SpaLounge™ and offer two standard packages containing predetermined components with all-inclusive pricing per person. These packages are not mandatory. They are offered to help your guests make decisions quickly so you can spend more time enjoying your visit. Your group may prefer to plan from our a la carte menu and we are glad to assist. The packages are described on our full menu page. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance when booking your group.
  • Where should I park during my visit?
    Although there is on street parking in the vicinity, The Arts District Garage at the rear of our building with entrances on both Brown Street and Cumberland is the most convenient. Soakology is at the corner of Congress and Brown Streets. Brown Street is one way, accessed from Congress Street. Heading down Brown Street from Congress, the garage entrance is on the left. The Cumberland entrance is accessed from Cumberland between Casco and Brown. In the event the garage is full there are several other parking garages in the area.
  • Can I take photos at your facility?
    There are no cameras or technology allowed in the SpaLounge™. Cell phones must be turned off before entering the SpaLounge™. In fact, we are glad to take emergency calls for you on our private cell phone at the guest services desk. Please limit the use of cell phones in the TeaLounge™. Feel free to take and post photographs in our TeaLounge™, but photography in the SpaLounge™ is not permitted. You will find that if you “unplug” for just an hour of relaxation and personal care for your well-being, you will feel renewed and refreshed; ready to reenter the busy world. We urge you to take advantage of our passion to “Relax like you mean it™.” Unplug and escape from the busy high tech world.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    A minimum of 48 hours notice is required to cancel or change spa appointments. A minimum of 72 hours notice to cancel or change a group reservations of 5 or more. Cancellations without these notices will incur a $30 per person cancellation fee.
  • Does Soakology give back to its own community?
    Beyond care of our customers, we provide care to our community, in the spirit of many Maine businesses, with contributions and fund raisers for local initiatives assisting children experiencing food insecurity, the Make a Wish Foundation, winter clothes drives, animal humane and shelter fund raisers, the Breast Cancer Foundation, The Center for Grieving Children and many other community service organizations.
  • I have some feedback about your products or website.
    We LOVE hearing from our customers. Please email us at It is helpful for us to know what people love and we are always open to hearing about any ways we can improve.
  • Can you tell me more about your CBD products?
    Soakology hemp extract oil is made with 100% Oregon grown medical hemp (CBD) using super critical CO2 extraction. This extract is a full spectrum blend made from natural components of medical hemp and contains no preservatives. Our CBD products go through rigorous lab testing in all stages of formulation and production from farm harvest to finished product. Our hemp is purchased from licensed, organic growers in Oregon. The plants are grown outdoors, allowing natural sun and rain to infuse healing properties into the plants and bring out the best whole plant essence. Soakology’s CBD, as approved guidelines from the FDA dictate, contains less than 0.3% THC. In other words, you cannot get high from using our CBD products as our best use directs. CBD is quite different from Cannabis. Our testing guidelines are rigorous and we ensure that the lab results match the ingredients in our products.
  • Do you have a product that can help my insomnia?
    Check out our REPLENISHING page as we carry several products that can assist with sleep trouble.
  • My skin is so dry from excessive washing. Do you have a product that can help me?
    Our essential bath & massage melt™ will hydrate and replenish and your skin will thank you!
  • My muscles are SORE. What would you suggest for relief?
    Our Muscle Ease™ products are a dream for sore muscles!
  • I suffer from head and neck tension from too much time at my computer. Do you carry anything that can ease this discomfort?
    We actually sell the same upper body wrap that we place on customers during their treatment sessions in our web store! You may also want to check out our Muscle Ease™ products as we get a lot of positive feedback from customers on soothing effects.
  • I need an escape from being unexpected homeschool teacher, mom, employee, etc during this pandemic. HELP!!!"
    You may not be able to leave your house during the current "stay at home" orders, but you can escape if you have a tub of water! TREAT YOURSELF to our wide array of soaking salts. If you don't purchase something here, at least give yourself a pat on the back. You are doing great.
  • I need some "me" time and I know I want to soak at home but am overwhelmed by all the options. Which are your customers' favorite soaks?"
    While everyone has their own favorites, we have to say the Soothing Aroma™ line is a best seller.
  • I have been on my feet all day. These dogs are BARKING. Advice?
    Get those tootsies in a Zen soak, stat!
  • I don't know WHAT is going on with my itchy feet these days, but I do know I need some relief. Can you help me out?"
    Absolutley. Introduce your feet to our Zen soak and they will thank you.
  • I need a gift for someone I don't know that well. Can you suggest a set of items?
    Check out the gift sets section of the site and make sure to keep checking back, as we add more!
  • I work outside a lot and have been trying to find a lovely spray that can double duty as a bug repellant. Do any of your products have this feature?
    Our Maine Forest™ Citrus Spray lotion is calling your name.
  • What does Fair Trade mean?
    All of our teas are Fair Trade certified. Fair Trade is a not-for-profit federation established to facilitate better working conditions, fair wages, improved housing, health care, and education for workers on tea production estates.
  • Are your teas organic?
    Organic teas are made from plants grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals such as pesticides and food additives. Many of the teas we carry are certified 100% organic. Other teas we carry are farmed organically but not certified if estates don’t have the funds required for certification.
  • How are your teas sold?
    We sell our tea by the ounce in our online tea store. We have over 70 varieties of tea at Soakology. The most popular are available in our web store. Our tea is packaged by weight not volume. Since tea is considered a food item, we are not able to accept returns. Each tea comes with brewing directions. However, your preference in strength and flavor will dictate the amount of tea you use and the brewing time. Enjoy!
  • Do massages come with the purchase of a foot bath soak?
    Our SpaLounge™ menu is à la carte. Massages, along with other treatments can be added to your foot soak. Please mention this when booking your appointment so that we can accommodate you.
  • Are you licensed for massages?
    All our massage therapists are licensed with top-notch experience.
  • Are there any health requirements or restitutions for receiving treatments in your massage spa?
    All treatments at Soakology are spa services and not a substitute for medical care. You are responsible for consulting a qualified physician/health care specialist for any physical ailments that you may have. You must share with your Licensed Massage Therapist or Aesthetician if you are pregnant as well as any physical ailments you have. This includes, but is not limited to, diabetes, complications with pregnancy, epilepsy, bleeding or blood clotting disorders or cancer. We also need to know if you are undergoing chemotherapy, have a pacemaker or any type of medication port before doing your treatment. Certain medical conditions and/or therapies may require a doctor’s clearance note before receiving spa services
  • What payment methods are accepted?
    We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover card, prepaid cards, and cash. Pricing is subject to change without notice. We also sell SOAKOLOGY® gift cards for pre-payment convenience and are glad to hold a gift card on file for you or gift recipient.
  • Do you sell Soakology gift cards and can they be used on everything?
    While we are not currently offering gift cards for sale, previously purchased Soakology gift cards can be used for anything in our boutique, SpaLounge or TeaLounge. We are unable to accept them for website purchases or gratuity. When using your gift card in person, please present it at time of purchase. If you have the date purchased and name of the buyer, a missing gift card can be tracked. Our gift cards never expire.
  • Do you accept returns?
    We believe in our products and are confident you will be satisfied with your purchase. If you are not satisfied with your product, we would be happy to issue you a return for store credit. Return requests must be made within 14 days of delivery date, and product(s) must be unused and in original product packaging. We cannot accept returns on tea leaf purchases as it is considered a food product. For more information or to request a product return, please send us a message to or call our guest services team at 207-879-7625.
  • What is your web store shipping policy?
    We offer free shipping for webstore purchases over $50 through May 15, 2020. We ship with many carriers; choosing the company that is best suited for your purchase.

FAQ's about foot bath soaks, massage spa, and online tea store

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