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Relax Like You Mean It

Relax Like You Mean It


If you have ever visited the SpaLounge here at Soakology you are familiar with the soothing warm wraps we place on your shoulders. Enjoy some "spa time" at home with this luxurious gift. 




Upper Body Wrap

Help relieve tight achy muscles in the shoulders, neck and upper back. Warm it up in microwave to wear on chilly nights or chilled to wear in hot weather. Mist the wrap lightly for moist heat before microwaving. The calming aroma therapy from 10 herbs and grains helps relieve tension and improve relaxation. These wraps have handy velcro closures, so you can wear these around the house and they won't slide off.



Upper Body Wrap Cover

Our covers are custom made to fit perfectly and securely around our Upper Body Wraps. We use soft poly-cotton blends that can be tossed in the washer and dryer over and over.


Beach Rose Massage Oil

Create peacefulness and help balance your nerves with pure essential oils of geranium and lavender combined with apricot and jojoba oils for the ultimate aromatherapy and moisturizing massage. Also, a wonderful bath oil or after shower skin moisturizer that will linger with you for hours.



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