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Find Your Balance

Find Your Balance


Share a gift of balance, peace, and harmony.

Included in Gift Bag:


Beach Rose Foot & Body Powder:

​Fennel and ylang ylang combined with kaolin clay is seriously refreshing and soothing. Soothes itchy, sweaty skin. Talc free with a no clumping formulation to remain silky smooth even on moist skin. Sprinkle on body, feet and into shoes to soften, soothe and cool the skin.

Beach Rose Himalayan ​Salt ​Soak ​Thera​C​ube™ (set of 6)​:

For bath or Shower. Create balance and peacefulness with a blend of geranium, lavender & rose. Drop cube into a tub​ of pre-filled warm​ water. Your TheraCube™ will fizz and release essential oil aromatherapy.​ Alternatively, place cube on shower floor away from direct water spray and let the aromatherapy fill the air.​


Balancing Rooibos Tea​ (Caffeine Free)​:
​This tea is blended with a traditional ​South African ​rooibos, rose petals, chamomile, orange peel, and spearmint. It has a sweet, cooling, floral flavor and aroma.

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