white celadon 3-piece tea set with tea

white celadon 3-piece tea set with tea

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The precious white celadon glazed tea set feels soft and luxurious to the touch with its matte, pearlized finish. Holding barely a cup of water, the size allows for better flavor and temperature control. The small pot allows the tea to brew quickly. When socializing, it traditionally encouraged longer conversations to go along with the continuous rebrews. Enjoy the ability for your individual taste while sharing conversation with community or a quiet moment on your own.

1-ounce Lotus tea included.
From Vietnam, Lotus tea infuses green tea leaves with lotus flower blossoms. The green tea leaves are placed into the lotus blossom. The petals are bound and dried overnight to allow the tea to absorb the scent of the petals. Lotus tea has a floral, sweet, refreshing brew reminiscent of anise, with a sharp, yet pleasant aftertaste. Pairs well with salads and unsweetened pastries.

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