variety pack (6) TheraCubes: Recoup + Recover

variety pack (6) TheraCubes: Recoup + Recover


Sample different blends with our variety pack! Each bag contains 2 cubes of the following:


  • zen tea tree
  • arnica muscle ease
  • breathe easy


Directions for use:

Drop cube into a tub or basin of pre-filled warm, (not hot) water. Your TheraCube™ will fizz and release essential oil aromatherapy. Warmer water may be added after a few minutes of soaking, depending on your preference. 


For shower use, simply place the cube on the shower floor, away from direct spray. Aromatherapy will fill the shower area. Breathe Easy™, Spruce Woods™ and Gentle Awakening™ are our shower favorites. Let us know yours!