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Spa for Ma Set

Spa for Ma Set

  • Balancing Beach Rose Powder
    Fennel and Ylang Ylang combined with kaolin clay is seriously balancing and cooling. Soothes itchy, sweaty skin. Talc free with a no clumping formulation to remain silky smooth even on moist skin. Sprinkle on body, feet and into shoes to soften, soothe and cool the skin.
  • Balancing Beach Rose Himalayan Salt TheraCubes (for bath or shower)
    Create balance and peacefulness with a blend of geranium, lavender & rose. Drop cube into a tub of warm water and watch your TheraCube™ fizz, releasing essential oil aromatherapy.  For shower use, simply place the cube on the shower floor, away from direct spray. Aromatherapy will fill the shower area.
  • Beach Rose Massage Oil
    Create peacefulness and help balance your nerves with pure essential oils of geranium and lavender combined with apricot and jojoba oils for the ultimate aromatherapy and moisturizing massage. Also, a wonderful bath oil or after shower skin moisturizer that will linger with you for hours. Try adding a few drops to your Beach Rose TheraCube bath water.
  • Pumice Stick
  • Dark Chocoloate Treat
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