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RECOUP & RECOVER: Zen CBD bath bombs (6)


Patchouli and tea tree are combined with our hemp extract (5mg per bomb) to help ease muscle and joint pain. Your CBD bath bomb is a little different from other bath additives. For a luxurious soak and to get the most out of your CBD bath, fill the bath before dropping the bath bomb into the tub and keep the water temperature below 110 degrees. For great results follow your soak with Muscle Ease Gel with arnica and/or Muscle Ease CBD lotion.


Soakology hemp extract oil is made with 100% Oregon grown medical hemp (CBD) using super critical CO2 extraction. This extract is a full spectrum blend made from natural components of medical hemp and contains no preservatives. Our CBD products go through rigorous lab testing in all stages of formulation and production from farm harvest to finished product. Our hemp is purchased from licensed, organic growers in Oregon. The plants are grown outdoors, allowing natural sun and rain to infuse healing properties into the plants and bring out the best whole plant essence.