mate kit

mate kit


Included in kit:


  • limited edition leather wrapped mate cup: A modern take on a traditional mate gourd, this special cup is convenient, functional and fun to use with its rich cultural history in South America.
  • bombilla: Stainless steel filter straw
  • roasted mate tea: A traditional Argentinian beverage, the leaves of this Yerba Mate are roasted to achieve a smooth, well-balanced brew reminiscent of chocolate or coffee mocha. Contains Mateine (derivative of caffeine). 1-ounce.
  • yerba mate tea: Produced on an organic farm in Argentina, specially harvested to contain only leaves. This incredible refined Yerba Mate has a crisp, herbaceous, vegetal aroma and flavor. 1-ounce.


Simply fill the cup with Yerba Mate tea and use the bombilla to sip the tea. The tea flavor will last for multiple hot water infusions.  

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