Beach Rose Spa Gift Set (Valentine's Day Limited Edition)

Beach Rose Spa Gift Set (Valentine's Day Limited Edition)


Packaged in a reusable magnetic closure gift box: 

  • Balancing Beach Rose Powder
    Fennel and Ylang Ylang combined with kaolin clay is seriously balancing and cooling. Soothes itchy, sweaty skin. Talc free with a no clumping formulation to remain silky smooth even on moist skin. Sprinkle on body, feet and into shoes to soften, soothe and cool the skin.
  • Balancing Beach Rose Himalayan Salt TheraCubes (for bath or shower)
    Create balance and peacefulness with a blend of geranium, lavender & rose. Drop cube into a tub of warm water and watch your TheraCube™ fizz, releasing essential oil aromatherapy.  For shower use, simply place the cube on the shower floor, away from direct spray. Aromatherapy will fill the shower area.
  • Beach Rose Massage & Body Oil with Geranium and Lavender
    Help balance your nerves with pure essential oils combined with apricot and jojoba oils for the ultimate aromatherapy and moisturizing massage. Also, a wonderful bath oil or after shower skin moisturizer that will linger with you for hours. Try adding a few drops to your Beach Rose TheraCube bath water.
  • Pumice Stick
    Double-sided pumice stick easily smoothes callouses.
  • Dark Chocolate Treat
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