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Alishan Oolong

Alishan Oolong


Tea is sold by the ounce in weight rather than volume.

Contains Caffeine

Origin: Alishan mountains of central Taiwan


One of the most famous Oolongs from Taiwan, Alishan is complex and slightly sweet with floral notes and a subtle hint of fruity peach, with a long-lasting aftertaste. The aroma is herbal and floral, reminiscent of orchid, rose or jasmine.


A high-mountain Oolong, this premium grade tea is grown at altitudes higher than 1,000 meters above sea level. These are Genuine High Mountain tea leaves–not blended or mixed in with lower grade tea. 


While caffeine helps refresh, Alishan also contains alanine that is said to help relieve stress. The perfect tea for anyone looking for mental calmness and spiritual clarity. Its bio-chemical benefits have been researched and published widely.


Click here for accompanying honey.

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