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Oolong teas, originating in the Fujian Province of China, are the most complicated teas to process. There are a greater number of steps involved, allowing for more opportunity for interpretation and variation. Their flavor varies from mild and floral to strong and toasty. Oolongs are semi oxidized, ranging in oxidation from 35 to 80%. Less oxidized oolongs are often referred to as “green” oolongs while more oxidized oolongs are “black”oolongs.

Steeping Time, Temperature & Infusions
3–5 minutes 

steep in 190˚ natural spring water

up to 3 re-infusions

Food Pairing

A greener oolong pairs well with shellfish and sweet, rich foods. A darker oolong pairs better with foods such as duck or grilled meats.

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oolong TEA
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